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Yesterday was one of those days that I just didn’t want to focus on much.  I did get 7 fabric hair bows ready to attach to the barrettes.  But they only take about 5 to 10 minutes each.  I am planning on attaching the barrettes so that they can be taken off of  the bow so the the bow can be washed.  I personally have a bunch of bows that I don’t wear much any more because of the build up that is one them.  (I used to wear them at work in a Dairy Queen and even though they are on the back of the head, you never know.)  I will be experimenting with how best to make the barrettes re-attachable and still secure.  I also got some more done on the pictures on the website but really not a lot. I have about 2 dozen more barrettes to picture and get on the site.  That is the plan today.  Then I get to go through all of the barrettes and make sure that they are actually pictured and listed.  That should take long though.

Well, I guess that I will get started and see what happens.  Sometimes the creative juices flow in different directions then the plans.

Today started out fine.  I got up early so that I could get the sold barrettes out in the early mail.  That gave me lots of time to get caught up.  I did get most of the pictures retaken and new ones to put on the website.  But in the middle of doing that the monitor on my computer started to act “funny” and in fact did not want to work at all.  I was able to get it back up by unplugging it and plugging it back in. (Sigh).  Then I went to find more barrettes in the craft room. Only to find that the book case that holds my books, DVDs and stuff fell over.  What a mess.  Luckily nothing got broken except a small storage container that did not have anything in it.

The good thing is that I finally will have new barrettes on my website. (After my husband fixes one minor error but that won’t take him long).  I can’t wait.  Then I will spend more time creating barrettes and having fun.

 I did make my very first beads the other day out of polymer clay.  I just have to spend time polishing them and then figure out what I want to do.  Hmmm.  How do I get them to work with barrettes?  Maybe matching sets with earrings, bracelets and pins?  You never know!

It is always a good day when I make a sale off my website.  Which I did today.  So I have plans to be off to the post office tomorrow.  I hope that the buyer enjoys the barrettes.

I also found a really cool barrette hanger idea on one of the forums that I visit.  (www.polymerclaycentral).  So I have other things to create.  I hope that I do the original designer justice when I get them done.  They would make great display “units” as well as a way to organize ALL of the barrettes that I have collected over the years. (And still do collect.  I have found some really creative ones in the oddest places.)

I have about 34 pictures to crop and resize so that I can get them updated on the website.  I should have most of those done today and then all I will ahve to do is add the new ones. (And delate the sold ones!)  My DH wrote a great admin page for me that is soooo easy to use.  I am off to do something… not sure if it is going to be palying or working.  Hmmmm.  Such a choice to make.

Today instead of playing I spent time working on the business side of my crafting.  I other words I worked on taking new pictures of old barrettes (with the light box) and trying to came up with names for all of the barrettes on my website.  Actually naming barrettes can be very creative and also very hard.  You want something short but also descriptive but not boring.  At time I think that mine are on the boring side but I am trying.  (and then I get interrupted by my spoiled rotten helper -the airedale terrier- saying that I am not doing anything interesting but should be.)  Well I should be getting back to working on things.  Once I am done I can play more in the clay.

I spent the afternoon playing with clay and trying some of the techniques that I saw at the last guild meeting (Western New York Polymer Clay Guild).  In fact I made my very first beads!  Now I have to figure out how I am going to use them.  I did use one of the “beads” to make a center piece of a new barrette.  ( I didn’t put a hole through that one).  I will be finishing the barrette over the weekend and hopefully get it up on the website.  I lost track of time in the craft room and the day got away from me.  I really need to put a clock in there.  Maybe I should make one!  I know I can get the clock works at the local craft store and I can cover it with clay!  Watch out. polymer clay can be addicting.

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