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After a week of not much inspiration, I decide to try making a brain cane.  I went on the Polymer Clay Central website and downloaded the Brain Cane tutorial by Kathi Gose.  What great fun!  I must also mention Carl Johengen, who taught his method at a clay weekend and published it in PolymerCafe, and Kathy Gedrich who has a webcam demo using Carl’s techniques.  (I personally have not watch the webcam demo but I do remember seeing the article).

 Here is the result of my brain cane.  I haven’t even baked it yet.  I was to excited to wait!

Brain Cane Barrette 

I used Premo gold, copper and a turquoise pearl mix for the colors.  I really like it.    I can’t wait to do more!

Today I set up my booth for the craft show at www.crafterchallenge.com .  I put in four jewelry sets made out of the polymer clay beads that I have made and one pair of beaded earrings.  My favorite of the piece I placed is this one.

blue-pearl.jpg  I named it blue pearl.  It sparkles very well.  There is something about it that I like.  I am not sure what it is.  I am hoping that it finds a good home.

The beaded earrings I put on the site are nice.  They where very easy to make and more of an accident then a planed item.  I included them because I needed five items for the booth but couldn’t figure out which of my other polymer clay stuff I wanted to part with.


I finally signed up to buy things on e-bay.  (My husband has been doing a lot of e-bay buying and selling for years but I never had.)  I bid on two acutions and did a “buy it now”.  I won a set of unmounted rubber stamps for texturing clay, they are nice.  I bought bobby pins with pads so that I could put roses, beads, or what ever on them for accents in hair.  The best that I have gotten so far, is the set of canes from the claychicks.  The canes are absolutely wonderful.  (One of them is of a dragonfly!  He is just to cute!)  The claychicks even added an extra flower cane in the box.  What a wonderful surprise!  I am making plans on how to use the canes.  I will be off playing with them soon.

I also plan on watching more e-bay auctons on canes.  There are wonderful ones on e-bay.  The price that most of them go for is good.  It means that I get some wonderful canes with out the work to make them.  I still want to work on improving my caning.  I have noticed that every one’s canes look different, even when they are the same color and object. 

Today I have making jewelry sets from the last set of beads that I made.  I am planning on putting them up for sale on a crafters website. (www.crafterschallenge.com).  That way I don’t have to re-work my web store to have necklaces and earrings as well as barrettes.  I will be having them for sale next month.  I currently have made four full sets with necklace, bracelet and earrings, one set of bracelet and earrings and one necklace.  I am working on at least one more necklace and who ones what else.  I am having fun and am learning a lot.  Each bead I make gets better and each piece of jewelry is looking better as well.

I am planing on making more birds and turning them into pins as well.  If the site does well at helping me sell my jewelry, the birds will show up there too.  I will wait and see what happens. 

If any one asked me for just one tip about working with polymer clay it would have to be PRACTICE.  I would add to that not to get discouraged by “failures”.  There are no failures in learning how to work with polymer clay, just happy “accidents”.  I have been trying to get the hang of making canes.  I finally got the hang of roses, other flowers and leaves.  In the process, I had a bunch of canes that have ended up as beads.  I have a whole set of beads that I really like that are actually a “failed” butterfly cane.  Soon I will have jewelry sets out of it to show.  I also have some really cool barrettes that are a from a pansy cane that I did not like.  All I did was re-do the cane by slicing it and changing it from a flower to more of a kaleidoscope.  I like it so much that I did it to another “failed” cane.  It is amazing how things can work out.

So do not give up if things are not working the way that you want them to.  Keep trying, keeping practicing and soon you will be able to make canes, beads or whatever technique that you are trying.

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