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I recently got some wonderful butterfly canes off of e-bay from Randomstar.  I finally got a chance to make something with them.


The top one is a pin.  The bottom one is a small barrette.  I think that I may keep them both!  Randomstar did a beautiful job making these canes.  I will have to keep an eye on the canes that are on e-bay.  These are very beautiful and well made. 

Here is the one of the ATC’s that I made for the second swap group.


This one is also made with alcohol inks.  I first made a very thin layer of translucent clay and then “ran” lines of the inks around the sheet.  When they dried, I turn the sheet over onto a sheet of tan clay.  The sheet was cut to rectangles larger then the finished cards and then baked.  When they cooled, I trimmed them with the paper cutter and rounded the corners with a corner punch.

Here is the one of the first ATC’s that I made for the swap.


I decided to use alcohol inks for both groups.  This one is on white clay.  I rolled it thin and then dropped two colors on the clay.  I used a blue and a pink.  Then I stamped a design on the dried ink.  The silver dots ate also alcohol ink.  I found some metal colored ones.  I now have silver, gold, copper and pearl to play with, as well as the colors.

On a recent trip to Maine, my husband and I spent some time beach combing.  We brought home a number of pretty shells.

I am currently working on cleaning all of the shells so that I can figure out what to do with all of them.

I am going to do wire wrapping around some of the smaller ones.  The other small ones will be used as accents or focal points.

I am going to try to find as many different ways to use the rest of the shells.  Some of them may be used on their own.  I will use pieces for mosaics.  I want to try polishing some to bring out the inner sparkle. 

I am sure that I will come up with other ideas but first I want to make sure that the shells are totally clean and not going to smell bad!

On vacation I found some really cool barrettes and other jewelry.  They where made from tin.  Actually from the printed tins that where used as advertising or storage.  You know, like the ones that the flavored popcorn comes in during the holidays.

I bought one that I thought was very pretty and am thinking of making more.  I have some old tins that I can “play” with!  I have to get use to working with the tin, cutting and shaping it.  The ones that I saw where simple shapes.

I am planning on figuring out how to make different shapes and even maybe braiding the tin pieces.  I have seen some wonderful metal art in the past and would love to recreate the look into wearable art.

Well, I think that my first start should be a trip to the thrift store.  I am sure that I can find some used tins there.

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