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Earlier this week I got the pleasure of mailing two of my barrettes to Australia.  Everytime I get an order I do a little dance for joy.  I never get tried of sending my barrettes to other people to enjoy.  I was very surprised to see Australia as the mailing address.

It wasn’t as hard or as expensive as I thought it would be to mail overseas.  I was happy and pleased about that.  I am just waiting to hear that the barrettes arrived safely.  I did pack them well.  I have gotten a number of polymer clay canes through the mail from overseas.  I have picked up hints from how those are packaged.

On a side note.  I have returned to school to get my Master’s in Education and to help pay for classes, I am working in the Department of International Studies.  I will be helping students apply for Studies Abroad.

I am trying to find the right yellow bead to go with the fall swirly beads that I made.  The ones that I am trying to match are the white, yellow, red and orange at the very top of the picture.  I want to match the lemon yellow that is in the beads.  It is becoming very frustrating!


I am sure that I will find them.  I will be helping a friend move her studio and I know that she has a lot of beads.  I might get lucky there!  If not,  I will visit even more bead stores and such.  I know that there are yellow beads that will match, I already have about a dozen but they are all different shapes.  I have even found the yellow in some mixed packages of beads, but I don’t want to have to buy 10 packages to make one set of jewelry!

I made this block of Mokume Gane to use for the beads that I was making for the bead swap that I am in.  I started out with one set of beads and it has ended up with five sets and a few focals.  My Muse has been very good at keeping me busy!

fallbeads2.jpg This group is of round swirlies.  I like them all but I will admit that my favorites are the white ones on top. 

fallbeads1.jpg  This group is of different shaped beads.  I am happy on how they all turned out and can’t wait to get them finished.  I have plans for most of them but who knows want will come out in the end.

After working with the beads that I made using Alcohol Inks I have decided not to use that technique in my upcoming demo.  I really like the beads and all that you can do with alcohol inks but I want to keep things simple.

Working with the inks is very easy and the beads are simple to make but the finishing steps that are needed are not.  I would not only have to make the beads, bake them and then color them with the inks.  I would also have to finish them with a sealer.  That is easier said then done.  The only spray that I trust is varathane but I would have to take them outside to spray because of the smell.  It is really hard to brush the beads with anything.  I am not willing to dip the beads, because the ink is water soluble and can harm the jar of finish.

Oh well,  maybe I can teach classes on using alcohol inks with polymer clay.

Continuing with the block of Mokume Gane that I made for the bead swap,  I made five large focals.  They are larger then I normally make but I really like them.  They are all of the same shapes but with different colored background leaves.


When I string them, I am thinking of doing simple cable or cord with just the focal or a few small crystals.  I will put them one cords that can be different lengths so they can be worn as chokers or with turtlenecks.

I will admit that I was not very pleased with them at first but I really like them!

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