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This little beauty is the last of the ATC’s that I got in the swap.


This one was made by Kathy Weinberg.  Please check out the wonderful work on her website www.kathyweinberg.com . She has wonderful work in her gallery.

I am totally amazed at the work that was put into all of the ATC’s that I got in the swap.  I really feel that mine look likt some one played with playdoo.

atc-2.jpg  Just to remind you all of what I did.  This is one of the two sets that I sent in for the swap.

The first two ATCs where made by Rachel.  I find the blue one very intriguing, I see more in it everytime I look.  The one with the flowers is just cool.

patternatc.jpg       flowersatc.jpg

Check out Rachel’s work at www.mixsome.com .

leatheratc.jpg  This faux leather ATC was made by Carla J.  She did a great job getting the look of leather.

Here are the other two ATCs that Mary L. made for the ATC swap.

webatc.jpg  This is very interesting.  The more that I lokk at it the more I like it.  I like how the colors seem to flow.  It also has sparkles in the background that show up when you look at it from the side.

bugsatc.jpg  There are two very cute little bugs on this ATC.  I just have to smile when I look at it.

Earlier this summer I was in an Art Trading Card Swap.  I finally got around to getting their pictures taken.  I am amazed at the work that went into these pieces of beauty!

roseatc.jpg  This is my favorite.  I just love the colors and the roses.  This ATC was made by Deb Smith.  Check out her work at dancincatz.com .  She has some great pictures of some of her furry friends.

turtlesatc.jpg  This little beauty is also amazing.  It is titled “Baby Sea Turtles” and is made by Mary L.  Please take the time to look at the amazing work she has on her site, www.marylexhibit.com  . I have two other ATC’s from Mary in this swap.

I have having fun finding simple and easy techniques to do with clay.  I used the scrapes from the barrettes that I made for thick hair to make this pen.


I really like how it looks.  Unlike the fall colored pens, I covered this one with Triple Thick, (a finish that Deco-Art makes for glass like finishes on plastic, paper and other crafts.)  The Triple Thick adds a very glossy finish but also makes the differences in the color of the faux wood show up even better. 

I will be covering more pens and use them in my office at school.  Who knows, soon there maybe a demand for uniquely covered pens for Christmas presents!

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