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Well, I am still working hard at getting eveything ready.  Today is the first day I have had time to spend with my polymer clay.  I have six barrettes, three pins and two pairs of earrings baking and more to make!

 I have figured out how I want the table to look like.  It is just a matter of getting stuff together for it.  My wonderful husband is going to make me a barrette rack.  (I will be taking pictures of it as it is being made).

I have made a dozen or so crocheted pony tail holders that I will be selling as well.  I am also going to making a bunch of more earring sets out of polymer clay beads, lampwork beads and what ever else I have or find.  The earrings are easy to make and I enjoy them.  I get a lot of positive comments from people when I wear the ones that I make, so hopefully they will sell.  I will find out in 4 weeks.

I have a lot to do this month.  I will be getting ready for my very first craft show.  I am doing a show through my husband work.  It is open to the employees and their families to have a table. 

I don’t know if I am nervous or excited!  I get to plan how I want the table to look.  I also how to display my stuff.  I will be selling barrettes and some of my polymer clay jewelry.  I just want everything to look nice and be visible to the shoppers.

I do have a display for the earrings but behond that I have nothing!  I have to figure out how to display the barrettes, hairpins and the jewelry.  The other thing that I have to figure out is what I want the table to look like.  Oh, and how to display my barrette holders.

I also have to make a bunch of more stuff! 

I better get busy!

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