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There are many days that I want to working in my craft room but don’t really know what I want to be creating.  Recently, I have just been getting by doing sheets of clays covered with the numerous flower canes that I have.

Then I look out the window and see the wonderful Petunia’s that I planted in on of the boxes on the deck.  I really like the colors that Mother Nature put together.  I am going to start making canes to match.  Or at least I well try to get them to  match.

I also see the beautiful day lilies that are just opening up for the summer.  I think that I will do petal canes to create them in clay.  I could even add Herkimer Diamond chips in the center to create a little details.

There are many things that I can try to imitate.  I am getting to the point where I want to try.  I just have to set down and do it.

That in and of it self can be hard.  But at least finally I am getting the ideas that I need!


I have always loved things that sparkle and glimmer.  I have been using glitter on some of the barrettes to halp create that effect.

My earlier ones where simply braids of polymer clay covers with glitter and then sealed with a finish.Glittery Blue Braid Barrette

I have been playing with creating more dimension with the glitteriness.  I will say that this is one of my favorite seasonal barrette.

Glimmering Holly Sprig Barrette  I really like how the light reflects off of the glitter and the dimension that it creates.


When using glitter with polymer clay.  I recommend that you only use metal glitter.  You can test a small amount of glitter on a piece of paper in the oven at the temp that the clay is cured at.  If the glitter does not melt, it will work with the clay and not turn into a gooey mess.  I, also, always cover the barrettes that i add glitter to with some sort of sealer. Flecto Varathane is a good choice, it is now sold by RustOleum.  (For more information on this check out the following website, http://www.polyclay.com/flecto.htm  )  There are other glazes that work with polymer clay but this is the one that I have always had the best results with.  I know many artists that use Triple Thick with luck but be aware that the spray kind stays sticky.


I was given a gift certificate for a mail order place that carries Kato Polyclay.  I have heard a lot of good things about the Kato Clay and decided to order some to try.

Kato Polyclay was developed by Donna Kato, who is a talented artist and instructor.  She developed the polyclay to over come the problems that many people encounter with the other clays that where on the market.  To find out more about Kato Polyclay, check out their website at www.katopolyclay.com

I am excited to try it and hope that it is as good as I have heard it is.  I will find out in a week or two, since I am waiting for it to arrive.

Along with the Polyclay, I have order more barrette backs and some hair sticks.  I am thinking that I could add charms to the hair-sticks, or even wire-wrap some of the gem stones that I have dug to decorate them. 

Always more things to create!innclude: consistency of feel throughout the line, ease of conditioninopy transfers, and increased strength and resilience of the final product.

Today, I have spent some time creating barrettes that will show case some of the Herkimer Diamond Chips that I have.

I have been working with a number of flower canes that I have gotten off of e-bay and ones that I have made to create a field of flowers for the background.  I have then added some dimensional butterflies made from the butterfly canes that I made last spring.  This is one of the butterfly canes that I am using.

In the newest barrettes, where the black body is, I will be adding a Herkimer Chip.  I just have to go and find a glue to use.  As soon as I do, I will post pictures of them.


A while back I found some really nice barrettes that where made by cutting them out of decorative tins.  I bought one that I wear often and get wonderful comments about.  I have also been looking for and buying tins to recycle.

I got one cut out and glued on a barrette back today.  I like how it looks.

I will be making templates to use to make the cutting easier.  I hope that the rest of them turn out as nice.  I am sure that I will be visiting the thrift stores and antique malls to find tins to recycle.

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