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When I was talking to my friend about the class that I taught for her, she opened my eyes to stuff that I never thought of.

When doing classes, you need to really think about the age of the students that you are teaching.  With the kids that I worked with at the Library, they would have had a hard time working with some of the firmer clays (like FIMO Classic).  I was given a bunch of PREMO to use with them.  It is an easier clay to condition.  (This actually saved my hands from getting tried.  I did a fair amount of conditioning since the kids got tried of doing it.)

Another thing to think of, is the finished strength of the clay when it is baked.  The bugs with more substance to them would have been fine once they where baked if I had used SCULPEY III.  I would be afraid though of some of the thinner wings on the dragonflies or butterflies that the kids made.  If I was working with older kids and creating tiles or thinner items, I would hate to have them take the creations home, bake them, only to have them break that first time that they showed their friends.

I am very thankful that my friend had thought of all of this.  She also included containers for the kids to carry thier bugs home in and directions to give the paretns onhow to bake the clay.

I will say that I had so much fun with the kids that I would be willing to do this all over again!

It took a while for the young lady that made this wonderful snail to finished.  She even had to “borrow” some of her friends left over clay to create the flower.

  This is a close up of the snail.  Isn’t his expression great!

  Here is the snail, enjoying the shade of his favorite flower.

  I know that the one bug is a dragonfly.  I do LOVE the eyes on the other bug though.

  Later on, this snail was joined by many other “buggy” friends.  He even got a great pair of eyes added.

The kids that I was working with seemed to really enjoy themselves.  What impressed me the most, was their imaginations!

Look at some of what they created!

This bug is the creation of a young girl and her Dad.

  This “bug” maybe a cross between a bug and a crab.  I forgot to ask the young man who thought him up.


Last week, I had the pleasure of filling in for a friend of mine who teaches polymer clay to children.  The class is organized through the local libraries and is usually an hour to an hour and half long.  I got there early to set up and met with the librarian that was in charge of the children’s’ program.

I had a BLAST!  It was one of the most enjoyable afternoons that I have had in a while!  The kids where great.  Their parents, grandparents or older siblings that where there to keep an eye on them where great helps as well.  Each child that had signed up for the program got to pick five little blocks of clay to create any type of bug that they could think of.

Here is the table of clay before the kids got to it.

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