I have been in my craft room creating something other the a bigger mess!  I have learned how to make puffy hearts for necklaces.  Thank you Debbie of Artistic Ambitions for teaching me.  I took it one step further and cut them in half to make some really cute barrettes.  I have two baking and when they are cooled I will have them pose for pictures.

I have been working on ideas for mini-masks.  I joined a swap where I send in 10 masks for each group that I sign up for and get 10 different masks back.  The mask are to be no larger the 3 inches by 3 inches, which are perfect for  barrettes.  I have ideas for the two groups that I have signed up for.  I have the canes done for one group.  I haven’t figured out yet but I think that that group will be fairy masks.  I will be doing a group of Comedia Del Arte masks as well.  I am not sure which characters that I will use but I am thinking of doing Harlequin.  But who knows,  El Doctore and Pantalone may show up.

Well I should go check the oven and make sure nothing is over cooking!