It is always a good day when I make a sale off my website.  Which I did today.  So I have plans to be off to the post office tomorrow.  I hope that the buyer enjoys the barrettes.

I also found a really cool barrette hanger idea on one of the forums that I visit.  (www.polymerclaycentral).  So I have other things to create.  I hope that I do the original designer justice when I get them done.  They would make great display “units” as well as a way to organize ALL of the barrettes that I have collected over the years. (And still do collect.  I have found some really creative ones in the oddest places.)

I have about 34 pictures to crop and resize so that I can get them updated on the website.  I should have most of those done today and then all I will ahve to do is add the new ones. (And delate the sold ones!)  My DH wrote a great admin page for me that is soooo easy to use.  I am off to do something… not sure if it is going to be palying or working.  Hmmmm.  Such a choice to make.