Yesterday was a very slow starting day.  For some reason I just couldn’t find the motivation to really get any creating done.  I did do some re-arranging in my craft room and move some of the non-craft stuff out.  That gives me more room to but my craft stuff out of the middle of the room.  In the afternoon I did find the motivation to make some new canes, which lead to more barrettes and beads.  I do have the one form earlier this week ready to be finished and then put up for sale.  I also got enough beads to start the polishing process.  I have plans on doing a shamrock cane today.  I even have the layout in my head.  I just have to get down stairs and create it.

This afternoon I do have a job interview at a craft store.  I am not sure how good of an idea that is.  I am sure that I would enjoy the work and helping others with thier art and carft needs.  But I will have to watch my own spending!

Well, I think I will add to my webstore and then start creating.