About The Artist

In the beginning…There was a girl with long hair who had a passion for jewelry but because she worked in the food industry, she couldn’t wear it everyday. She started to look for unique and unusual barrettes. After figuring out that the "Mall" stores carried the same ones and that there are only a few artists that make many barrettes and even some of those look alike, she decided to start creating her own. She has since found more and more barrettes on the Internet than she once imagined, but by this time it was too late.Not too late to buy and enjoy others work but too late to stop making her own. After being introduced to polymer clay by a member of the book club that she belongs to (Thank you Sandy, for showing us the pens and talking about The New Clay by Nan Roche), and finding Fimo on sale at a local store that was going out of business, she was hooked.

Now instead of spending time hunting for unique barrettes, she spends her time hunting for ways to keep creating unique barrettes. And then she came up with the idea of selling her creations. Her husband, the computer programmer, (who sells books on the Internet and has web sites of his own.) bought her a domain name for her birthday and offered to help her with the nuts and bolts of her web site. That is how all of this began.

You see that girl is me. Please visit as often as you like and send me e-mails with feedback and questions. While you are here check out the resource page if you want to tap into your creativity as well. Things are always changing and I am always creating.

Today I am no longer in the food industry.  I have more time to develop my craft and also create different things.  I have started to make beads and jewelry as well.  Hoping that someday I will have a page for them on the site as well.