Yesterday was one of those days that I just didn’t want to focus on much.  I did get 7 fabric hair bows ready to attach to the barrettes.  But they only take about 5 to 10 minutes each.  I am planning on attaching the barrettes so that they can be taken off of  the bow so the the bow can be washed.  I personally have a bunch of bows that I don’t wear much any more because of the build up that is one them.  (I used to wear them at work in a Dairy Queen and even though they are on the back of the head, you never know.)  I will be experimenting with how best to make the barrettes re-attachable and still secure.  I also got some more done on the pictures on the website but really not a lot. I have about 2 dozen more barrettes to picture and get on the site.  That is the plan today.  Then I get to go through all of the barrettes and make sure that they are actually pictured and listed.  That should take long though.

Well, I guess that I will get started and see what happens.  Sometimes the creative juices flow in different directions then the plans.