I checked the beads that I put in the tumbler with the scrap denim.  They are looking good after only 4 hours.  I plan on leaving them in over night tonight.  I did start my new batch of beads into sand, and will be leaving them alone for about 14 hours as well.  I may check how the buffing is going before going to bed, since I have read that buffing actually takes less time then sanding.  The tumbler doesn’t seem to work well on the barrettes but they are a shape that is easy to do by hand without much time or hurting of the fingers. Hopefully soon I will find the varathane for cover the polymer clay.  If I can’t I may try using Future Acrylic liquid.   I would rather not have to re-bake the barrettes after applying a couple of coats.  Call me impatient!  Tomorrow I think that I will work on stuff for Easter and Spring/Summer Time.  I am very tired of winter!  I may make a whole bunch of butterflies and flowers,  maybe a chickie and bunny rabbit or two.