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The glue is dry and the barrette is finished.  Without any further ado, here is my new Herkimer Diamond Chip Barrette.

The flowers in the background are from canes that I got in a e-bay auction last fall.  The butterfly cane I made as part of a yellow and black challenge.  (We where challenged to create something using only yellows and black as the colors.)  The Herkimer Diamond Chip is the body of the butterfly.

This butterfly is made from another cane that I made using blues and blacks.  Again the butterfly body is a Herkimer Diamond Chip.

Today, I have spent some time creating barrettes that will show case some of the Herkimer Diamond Chips that I have.

I have been working with a number of flower canes that I have gotten off of e-bay and ones that I have made to create a field of flowers for the background.  I have then added some dimensional butterflies made from the butterfly canes that I made last spring.  This is one of the butterfly canes that I am using.

In the newest barrettes, where the black body is, I will be adding a Herkimer Chip.  I just have to go and find a glue to use.  As soon as I do, I will post pictures of them.


Well,  I finally got a barrette made with a herkimer diamond.  I am pleased with how it looks but the Herkimer did crack a little in the process.  The crack is hard to see but it is across the center of the stone and I am very aware of it.

Herkimer Diamond Barrette

I will find a glue that works with the Herkimers and the polymer clay.  That way I can design the barrettes and then add them to the clay after baking.

This afternoon I put a small chip of Herkimer in the clay oven at the temp that I bake polymer clay at.  I put the piece in a white paper box that I made for it.  (I was concerned that it might explode undet heat and damage the oven.)  I let the oven warm up like I do when I use it for clay, added the Herkimer and left it in there for over an hour.  That is longer then I usually cure my barrettes but there have been times that I have forgotten them in the hot oven for longer.

There are no damage to the Herkimer chip.  It looked just like it did when I put it in.  So this test is a success.

I have not tried to cure polymer clay with a piece of Herkimer in it.  I will do that test tomorrow.  I am thinking that I will create a barrette that uses the Herkimer Diamond as an accent.  That way, if the clay and Herkimer “survive”, I will have a barrette to wear and show off.

So I guess it is on to the design table and I get to play!


I have many questions about using the gems that I found in North Carolina and the Herkimer Diamonds.  I need to do some resource before I include them in barrettes.

I have questions about how well the stones will handle the heat if I bake them with the polymer clay.  I know that some gemstones will change colors under heat but I am not sure of how high of temperatures need to be.  I am not sure how to attach the gems after the clay is cured.  I need to find glues that won’t discolor or harm the stones or clay. 

I do plan on experimenting with the Herkimers and the oven.  I am going to put one of the small chips that I have in the oven while I am baking barrettes.  That will tell me if the Herkimers will handle the heat with out cracking or changing colors.  I know that when mining the Herkimers, they can crack when you open up a vug.  (A vug is what the “holes” that the stones are formed in.)  The quick temperature change affects them.  But will the temp of the oven do that as well?  I have not found any information on that, so I just that I need to experiment on my own.

I will keep you all posted on the experiments and what I find out.

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