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Well, after trying the rubber bands on the tumbler form Harbor Fright and having the piece that holds the band in place be destroyed, my husband went to have it replaced.  When we had bought it, we paid the few dollars extra for the extended warranty.  The clerk at the store asked if my husband wanted to replace it or get his money back.  Without talking to me, he got the money back and then came home a ordered a two barrel Lortone tumbler.

I was upset at first, I had a bunch of stones tumbling that I wanted to finish polishing and know I could not finish them.  Earlier we had gone an a trip to Hiddenite, North Carolina and done some digging, sluicing, and creeking for raw gems and I wanted to see how some of the “ugly” ones turned out when they where polished.

Now that the Lortone has arrived and the rocks finished.  I am very glad that my husband did what he did.  I still have to figure out how to use the gems in my barrettes but I have many ideas and will be figuring out what works and looks the best.


Wow! What a store!

I hinted to my husband that there was a bead store in Washington State that I would like to visit. I spend many hours while we are on vacation visiting used bookstores so he was nice enough to take me there.

Shipwrecked Beads bills itself as the largest bead store. It is 80,000 square feet and they have over 8.1 billion beads. (No, I did not count them all, they state that in their flier.)

I walked into rows and rows of beads. The gal at the entrance gives me a cart with everything I would need, including a map. She also let me know about a room that they have set up with a TV and such for the non-beaders. They also have a food counter. You can really make a day of the visit!

They have all kinds of beads in all shapes and colors. They also carry all kinds of bead findings and tools. I even found a small section of PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and FIMO polymer clay. There was also few rows of metal charms.

I was totally blown away by the size of the store and the varity of beads.

I did spend money there. More then I should have. But I just had to have those glass beads from China and that big bag of lamp work beads!

Next I while do some shopping on their website, http://www.shipwreckedbeads.com .

I recently bought myself a Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder.  I got a chance to play with it today.  It is a lot easy to use them the old extruder I have.  I have had great fun today making snakes of color and then turning them into  wrapped beads.  Very easy to do and they are turning out way cool. 

 I am going to do some recycling to with the extruded snakes.  I brought home some cornstarch packing peanuts from work.  (They where just going to be thrown out so I might as well take some.  I did make sure that it was okay first just to be sure.)  Tomorrow I am going to wrap the clay snakes around the peanuts to make filigree beads.  (I might even get a chance to do some tonight.)  Once I bake the beads and let them cool, I will “soak” the cornstarch peanuts out of the middle.

I am thinking that I can also use the extruded snakes to decreate barrettes.  Make interesting designs with the snakes, then add embelishments and maybe even some preal-ex powders. 

I am having great fun!  Pictures will be coming as soon as things are done.

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