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These barrettes came from the same tin.  It was a small tin and I was only able to get four barrettes out of it.  The two that are similar in shape are from the sides.  The fourth barrette is the same as the one with the three flowers.

The oval barrette is the only one that I got out of the top.

I finally got some of the many tins that I found at thirft shops, flea markets and antique store cut into barrettes.  I had to go and but some clumps to hold the barrette backs on the tins so that the glue would set.  The tin that was used is thick and does not bend easily.  These two barrettes are just two of six different designs that I got out of the lid of the tin.

I still have the side of the tin to plan and cut.  I like the victorian look of this tin and how it creates some really interesting barrettes.

I have working on cutting some of the tines that I have had around the house.  These barrettes are from the same tin but are different sizes.

I think that this one turned out really well.  I like how I got the large blue flower centered.

This is on one of the small barrette backs.  I think the having the flower off center works well.

This is the largest of the barrettes that I cut from the tin.  I am still mixed about how it looks.

Over the week end, my husband and I where out of town for a wedding.  We decided to do some “shopping” while we had time before the wedding.  So we went to visit used bookstores and Antique stores.  My husband collects books and I look for things that I can turn into barrettes.

We stopped first at a thrift store.  They are always good for finding things in.  Every now and then, you find really good things, like a large toaster oven that works well.  I actually found two tins that have patterns that while make great barrettes.  One is a older tin that has small pink roses all over.  The other is a newer tin with bouquets of flowers.  Each one of the bouquets while make a barrette.  Out of both tins I should be able to get 10 to 12 barrettes (if not more) and only spent $1.50!

Our next stop was an antique mall.  My husband had no luck finding any books but I found more tins.  I ended up buying a total of four.  They all have Christmas designs on them.  One is a set of three that should make many barrettes.  I am not sure how many but I should be able to get at least 10 from each tin.  The single tin is covered with Christmas tree ornaments and again I should be able to get 8 or so barrettes from it.  The best part is that the tins where on sale.  Instead of paying $12.00 dollars for the 4, I only had to pay $6.00.  A great deal!

The rest of the stores yielded it nothing.  But I do enjoy looking at all of the goodies.  Sometimes I find something to give as a gift or to take home with me.


A while back I found some really nice barrettes that where made by cutting them out of decorative tins.  I bought one that I wear often and get wonderful comments about.  I have also been looking for and buying tins to recycle.

I got one cut out and glued on a barrette back today.  I like how it looks.

I will be making templates to use to make the cutting easier.  I hope that the rest of them turn out as nice.  I am sure that I will be visiting the thrift stores and antique malls to find tins to recycle.

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