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Finding Inspiration for Polymer Clay Butterfly Canes
Finding Seaglass
A Visit to Shipwrecked Beads
What I have been up to.
I have been creating....
Barrettes from another Tin
Butterfly with Herkimer Diamond Chip
Barrette made from Tin
Finding Tins to Make Barrettes
Another set of Tin Barrettes
More Alcohol Ink Barrettes
Barrettes out of Tin
New Fall Leaves Barrette
Barrette topped with Glass Beads
Finally Spent Time in the Craft Room
Creating time to Create
The Last of "Creating Clay Bugs"
Things to Think of When Doing Classes
Creating Clay Bugs Continued Again
Creating Clay Bugs Continued
Creating Clay Bugs
Field of Flowers and Twin Butterflies
Trying out a Glue
Finding Inspiration
Using Glitter with Polymer Clay
Trying Kato Polyclay
Working with the Herkimers
First Barrette with a Herkimer Diamond
Herkimer Diamonds pass the Heat Test
Gemstones and Polymer Clay
New and exciting things coming
Rock Tumbler Update
Slicing Blocks of Mokume Gane
Another Way to Make Mokume Gane Continued
Another Way to Make Mokume Gane With Polymer Clay
Polymer Clay Challenge
Examples of Mokume Gane and Polymer Clay
Mokume Gane and Polymer Clay
Beads for International Swap
My First Craft Show
International Bead Swap
Preparing for The Craft Show
Planning First Craft Show
Final Art Trading Card from Swap
More Art Trading Cards from the Swap
Two More Polymer Clay ATCs By Mary L.
Art Trading Cards out of Polymer Clay
More Fun with Polymer Clay and Pens
Simple and Easy Techniques
Larger Barrette Backs for Thick Hair
Top of a Tin Covered in Polymer Clay
My First Covered Pens
A new Toaster Oven
Fall Jewelry out of Polymer Clay
Sunset Jewelry Set
Different Shapes for Necklaces
Fall Leaves in Jewelry
Finishing Polymer Clay Pieces
What is Polymer Clay?
Polymer Clay for the Season
My First International Order
Finding the right yellow bead
More Fall Beads from Mokume Gane Block
More on Alcohol Inks, Polymer Clay and Upcoming Demo
Fall Focal Beads out of Mokume Gane
New Fall Barrettes in Polymer Clay
Alcohol Inks on Polymer Clay Beads
Upcoming Polymer Clay Demo
Polymer Clay Swirls of a Different Shape
Jewelry out of Glitter Beads
Glitter Beads out of Polymer Clay
Simple can sometimes be the Best
Techniques for the Demo on Polymer Clay
Preparing to do a Demo with Polymer Clay
Animal Print in Polymer Clay
Polished Sea Shells
Continuation of Varathane and Polymer Clay Beads
Texture Sheets for Polymer Clay
Buying Polymer Clay Canes off of E-bay
Continuing Rock Tumbler Problems
Barrettes From Cane Petal Swap Canes
Mistakes in Polymer Clay or Uglies
Follow up on Varathane and Polymer Clay beads
Varathane and Polymer Clay Beads
Problems with my Rock Tumbler
Polishing Sea Shell in Rock Tumbler
Polymer Clay and Practice
A Combination of Canes
Polymer Clay Challenges
More Polymer Clay Canes on barrettes
New Barrettes from Polymer Clay Canes
Colorful Polymer Clay Beads
Cats done in Christi Friesen Style
Polymer Clay Swirl Beads
A Dragon landed on a Barrette
Polymer Clay Beads of a Different Shape
Finding A Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay
Finding Motivation to Create
Other Barrette Ideas
Pictures of Butterflies
Finished Anniversary Gift
More useful Tools for Polymer Clay
Texturing Tools
Fishy Pins
A Dragon Pin
Gift for my Parents
Another Candle Holder
Getting Started In Polymer Clay
Sea Glass Barrettes
A Sloth Came to Visit
Candle Holder
Beginnings of Sea Glass Barrettes
Jewelry Set with Copper
Flower Earrings
Beautiful Butterflies
2nd of the ATC's
ATC's Finished
Art Trading Cards or ATC's
Sea Shells
Another Use for Sea Glass
Different Barrette Ideas
Re-Organizing My Craft Room
A Windfall of Clay
Recycling Old Tins
To Many Ideas, Not Enough Time
My Newest Flowers
Adding New Barrettes
Finished Canes for Swap
Finding Inspiration
More Thoughts on Polymer Clay and Polyform
Beads from Clay Snakes
Makin's Clay Extruder
Undersea Friends in Polymer Clay
Turtle, Thanks to Christi Friesen
Translucent Colors
A Study in Color Revisited
New Polymer Clay Books
Creating a Show Booth
A Study In Color
New Barrette Sizes
Recycling Old CD-RW's With Clay
Making a Skinner Blend
Canes for the first Challenge
More Faux Revisisted
My First Covered Vase
Types of Polymer Clay
A creative Idea
More thoughts on Classes
Creation of More Flowers
Thoughts on Donna Dewberry and Polymer Clay
More Flowers to Create
More Faux
Polymer Clay Classes
Being Organized
Creating a Field of Flowers
Polymer Clay Demo and Classes
Polymer Clay Demo
Cane Challenges and Swaps
Naming my Barrettes
Increasing traffic to my Blog
Customer Service
International connections
Barrettes from my fish cane
More Fish Canes
I made a Fish cane.
Questions about Barrettes and Thick Hair
How I Make Lentil Beads
New Barrettes
Something other then barrettes
Tricks on Conditioning Polymer Clay
My Weekend of Play
My thoughts on pasta machines
Alcohol Inks on Polymer Clay
Brain Cane Fun

Got Canes off of e-bay
Making Jewelry sets from my beads
Practice, Practice, Practice
Two Birds of a Kind
Issues with buffing beads
Using a Light Box
Visiting a new bead store
More Buffing Polymer Clay
Buffing Polymer Clay
Even More Polishing
More Polishing
Second step of polishing
A new "Toy"
Made More Polymer Clay Canes
Making stuff out of my beads
Finally, something other then Barrettes
Butterfly Wings
Barrette Holders
More Jewelry Sets
Polymer Clay Books
Butterfly Cane out of polymer clay
Just put Barrettes on sale
Pictures of Faux Barrettes
Barrettes made out of my canes
I made two canes!
A slow starting day of clay
Today's faux barrettes and such
Faux Barrettes
My New Barrette Holder
Creations of the Day
Pictures are all done.
An Off Day
What A Day!
A Good Day
Day of administrative stuff
A Day of Playing
Welcome to my blog

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