I got some time this afternoon and did some playing.  I made two very nice roses, I just have to attach them to the barrette back.  I also made what is called a Damascus Ladder Cane (Got the lesson from www.polymercalycentral.com, it is taught be AlanVernall.)  Lots of work getting all the colors conditioned and “wasted” clay but well worth it.  Mine turned out very nice.  I just have to create it into a barrette.  The “wasted” clay actually got turned into more beads and a few color swirled barrettes.  (In my craft room, nothing ever goes to waste!)  I think that I will repeat the cane with different colors.  I really like how it turned out.  The roses where actually pretty easy to do,  I can’t wait to get the pictures done to show them off.  I may turn one into a pin for my Mom and maybe my sisters, since they do not have long hair like I do.  I even may try to make smaller roses and put more then one on a barrette.