Actually  I have spent my day work on faux surfaces for my barrettes. Like Dichroic Glass, Abalone, and Mother of Pearl.  I have very happy with all of them.  I really like the Abalone.  The Mother of Pearl and Abalone also made very pretty beads.  As soon as they are done cooling I will be putting them on into the tumbler and work on sanding them.  I currently have my first batch of bead being buffed with denim. I will check their progress when I put the beads into sand.  I am also working on the second of the barrette holders and trying the changes that I want to make.  We will see how they work out.  I am doing pink roses on this one and am planning on doing mixed colors of roses as well.  Hopefully things will go as quickly as they have been.  I can’t wait to see my buffed beads and hope that they turn out so I like them as much as I did when I put them in. 

I also have been trying to find varathane to use in the covering of the beads and barrettes to help them hold the shine.  So far no luck but I still have places to look.

Back to the craft room and playing in the clay.