After a lot of delay and saying that I should spend so time creating and playing with my polymer clay, I have finally done so.

What actually got me into the craft room was an order.  A customer wanted two of each of the barrettes that she ordered and since I usually only have one, I had to create ones to match.  I have most of them done but was not happy with one of the recreations so I am redoing it. 

I also picked up stuff that I had been planning on using with clay and used it.  I had a couple of jars of tiny glass beads that I thought might make great accents on barrettes.  The beads are clear so that I could use them on almost any of the designs I have.  I made a barrette out of a sheet of flowers that I put together monthes ago and added the beads using liquid polymer clay.  I like how that barrette turned out.  Right now it is cooling and then I will glue the barrette back on.  Hopefully tonight I will get a picture of it to post.

I am going back to the clay room and will be picking up the alcohol inks and trying to create a leaf patterned barrette.  I will post about the results soon.