There are many days that I want to working in my craft room but don’t really know what I want to be creating.  Recently, I have just been getting by doing sheets of clays covered with the numerous flower canes that I have.

Then I look out the window and see the wonderful Petunia’s that I planted in on of the boxes on the deck.  I really like the colors that Mother Nature put together.  I am going to start making canes to match.  Or at least I well try to get them to  match.

I also see the beautiful day lilies that are just opening up for the summer.  I think that I will do petal canes to create them in clay.  I could even add Herkimer Diamond chips in the center to create a little details.

There are many things that I can try to imitate.  I am getting to the point where I want to try.  I just have to set down and do it.

That in and of it self can be hard.  But at least finally I am getting the ideas that I need!