Over the week end, my husband and I where out of town for a wedding.  We decided to do some “shopping” while we had time before the wedding.  So we went to visit used bookstores and Antique stores.  My husband collects books and I look for things that I can turn into barrettes.

We stopped first at a thrift store.  They are always good for finding things in.  Every now and then, you find really good things, like a large toaster oven that works well.  I actually found two tins that have patterns that while make great barrettes.  One is a older tin that has small pink roses all over.  The other is a newer tin with bouquets of flowers.  Each one of the bouquets while make a barrette.  Out of both tins I should be able to get 10 to 12 barrettes (if not more) and only spent $1.50!

Our next stop was an antique mall.  My husband had no luck finding any books but I found more tins.  I ended up buying a total of four.  They all have Christmas designs on them.  One is a set of three that should make many barrettes.  I am not sure how many but I should be able to get at least 10 from each tin.  The single tin is covered with Christmas tree ornaments and again I should be able to get 8 or so barrettes from it.  The best part is that the tins where on sale.  Instead of paying $12.00 dollars for the 4, I only had to pay $6.00.  A great deal!

The rest of the stores yielded it nothing.  But I do enjoy looking at all of the goodies.  Sometimes I find something to give as a gift or to take home with me.