This afternoon I put a small chip of Herkimer in the clay oven at the temp that I bake polymer clay at.  I put the piece in a white paper box that I made for it.  (I was concerned that it might explode undet heat and damage the oven.)  I let the oven warm up like I do when I use it for clay, added the Herkimer and left it in there for over an hour.  That is longer then I usually cure my barrettes but there have been times that I have forgotten them in the hot oven for longer.

There are no damage to the Herkimer chip.  It looked just like it did when I put it in.  So this test is a success.

I have not tried to cure polymer clay with a piece of Herkimer in it.  I will do that test tomorrow.  I am thinking that I will create a barrette that uses the Herkimer Diamond as an accent.  That way, if the clay and Herkimer “survive”, I will have a barrette to wear and show off.

So I guess it is on to the design table and I get to play!