I finally think that I got the more complex canes down.  I made two today.  One is a shamrock and the other is a rose.  The shamrock I made from an idea of my own.  I have two barrettes already to back from it.  When I reduced it, I made five different sized shamrocks, so I have sizes to play with as well.  The rose cane, I used a tutorial off of Polymer Clay Central as a guide. The author of the tutorial is Leigh Ross.  It is a very detailed and easy to understand.  My rose cane is “resting” so that I can cut it without destroying the shape.  I will work on some barrettes with the roses tonight.  (And maybe some beads as well.)

I transfered the bead that I am polishing to a higher grit this morning and they are looking good.  The should be ready to be polished before bedtime.  I will check them soon and deside.  I just need to figure out I want to make with all of them.  I already have ideas but I just have to get them from my brain to the beads.

I think that I will try to do a beaded shamrock pin.  I have a design in mind and am sure that it will work well.  We will have to see.