I got two more rose/flower canes made today and am currently baking two barrettes made with the “fabric” I made with the canes.  To make the fabric, I choose a  background color that would complement the colors in the cane and rolled it thin with the pasta roller.  I then cut thin slices of the canes and placed them where I wanted on the sheet.  After placing a few of the cuts, I gently pressed them into the background.  I kept cutting and pressing until I got the look that I was looking for.  The trick is to cut the cane paper thin.  (It is easier said then done.  You really need a good, sharp blade knife to do this.)  I am pleased on how they came out.  I will see how they are once I get them sanded, polished and finished.

Tomorrow, it maybe warm enough for me to varnish them.  According to the can of varathane, it works best around seventy degrees.  When it was been in the single digits outside, I really don’t want to turn the heat up to bring the house up that warm.  Tomorrow it should be in the fifties outside so the house will also stay warmer.