Last night I went to check on my beads in the tumbler, only to find that the belt broke!  No more tumbling.  My husband and just bought the tumbler at Harbour Fright so off we went today to replace it.  No problems there, since we had the receipt and got a brand new one to bring home.  While we where there (they where have a sidewalk sale) I found a set of craft knifes (similar to Zacto) with 56 different blades and such,  12oo girt wet/dry sandpaper and a cool storage bin on wheels.  The storage bin will be useful in toting stuff back and forth to guild meetings and other places.  (All kinds of cool stuff will fit in there).  The sandpaper, of course, will be helpful in fine sanding with the replacement tumbler. I have been currently using my long blade slicer for everything and at times I realize how foolish that can be (and how unsafe).  This afternoon I will be playing with my new “toys” and working on all kinds of stuff.  Hopefully even taking some pictures to add the newest creations to the website.