Just checked the bead that where tumbling over night (for about 14 hours).  They are doing very well.  The ones that where tumbled with 800 grit are now ready to be buffed.  The second batch is now in the the 800 grit and I put in new ones in the 400 grit.  The second batch looks pretty good and should turn out nicely.  I am trying to polish barrettes in with the beads.  I am not sure how the edges are going to turn out. (I may have to hand sand the edges.)  So far I haven’t had any markings or damages down by the tumbler.  I have found that smaller pieces of sandpaper do not roll as much as larger ones (one inch squares verses six inch squares).  I will try gluing the paper back to back with waterproof glue and see how that works.  I will leave the tumbler alone for 12 to 14 hours and check on everything.  I will also get some denim for buffing.  I am sure other stuff will work but I will start with that and maybe some heavy duty fleece.  The next question is if I use the tumbler to buff, do I do it wet of dry?  Back to reading what others have tried.