Well,  I thought that I could handle going back to school and keeping up with the blog but then I had some medical issues also hit me.  I am mended, school is going great and I am back in the craft room creating.

The spring my husband and I tried some mining.  After watching the show “Cash and Treasures” on the travel channel, we thought that that might be fun and I could use the gems and stuff in my creations.  So far, we have been to Hiddenite North Carolina and to the Herkimer Diamond mine.  I have lots of coll stuff to play with! 

I really enjoy the finding of the gems but I have to learn more about how to identify them.  I know that we returned from Hiddenite with emeralds, amethyst, tourmaline, rose quartz, smoky quartz, topaz (white and blue), citrine and garnets.  There are others that we have figured out what they are yet but will someday.  I also have many pieces of Herkimers that will end up on a barrette soon. 

I am also learning how to wire wrap jewelry and make necklaces and earrings when I get better at it.

There will be many new things coming soon.