So far my test batch of sea shells have gone through two grits of polishing material in the rock tumbler.  I am about to put them in with the polishing stuff.

I really like how they are turning out.  I have some that look like the polished shells that you find in jewelry.  I also have some that still of the purple outer color that I really like.  That part does not have the shine that the inner shell does.  I am hoping that the polishing gives it a shine was well.

The comes the harder part!  Figuring out what to do with the shells.  Do I turn them in to barrettes on their own or do I add them to other stuff?  I think that I will end up doing all of the above!  I have ideas of working the shell pieces into clay as accents, maybe as turtle shells.  I, also am thinking of wire wrapping the shells with sea glass pieces.  Then of crouse, if I have larger shells that will mount well on barrette backs, I will do that too.  So many ideas!