After reading about using the “foil” from CD-RW’s to create very sparklee effects on polymer clay,  I decided to try it for myself.  After asking my husband, the designer of my website and computer guru, if he had any “old” CD-RW’s that I could play with.  (He raised an eye brow and I had to explain what I wanted to try.)  I was all set.  I scored the edges of the CD-RW on the side that the writable medium is on.  (That is the side that the writing is on from the manufacture.)  I placed the CD-RW on a sheet of conditioned clay and pressed hard to seal the foil to the clay.  I slowly peeled the foil from the CD and then covered barrette blanks with it.  I covered part of the foil with translucent clay on the top barrette and the bead.  It gives it a muted look about still allows the affects of the foil to show through.  The lower one is simply textured and then sealed with varathane so that the foil does not peel off.