Well, after trying the rubber bands on the tumbler form Harbor Fright and having the piece that holds the band in place be destroyed, my husband went to have it replaced.  When we had bought it, we paid the few dollars extra for the extended warranty.  The clerk at the store asked if my husband wanted to replace it or get his money back.  Without talking to me, he got the money back and then came home a ordered a two barrel Lortone tumbler.

I was upset at first, I had a bunch of stones tumbling that I wanted to finish polishing and know I could not finish them.  Earlier we had gone an a trip to Hiddenite, North Carolina and done some digging, sluicing, and creeking for raw gems and I wanted to see how some of the “ugly” ones turned out when they where polished.

Now that the Lortone has arrived and the rocks finished.  I am very glad that my husband did what he did.  I still have to figure out how to use the gems in my barrettes but I have many ideas and will be figuring out what works and looks the best.