I was given a gift certificate for a mail order place that carries Kato Polyclay.  I have heard a lot of good things about the Kato Clay and decided to order some to try.

Kato Polyclay was developed by Donna Kato, who is a talented artist and instructor.  She developed the polyclay to over come the problems that many people encounter with the other clays that where on the market.  To find out more about Kato Polyclay, check out their website at www.katopolyclay.com

I am excited to try it and hope that it is as good as I have heard it is.  I will find out in a week or two, since I am waiting for it to arrive.

Along with the Polyclay, I have order more barrette backs and some hair sticks.  I am thinking that I could add charms to the hair-sticks, or even wire-wrap some of the gem stones that I have dug to decorate them. 

Always more things to create!innclude: consistency of feel throughout the line, ease of conditioninopy transfers, and increased strength and resilience of the final product.