Today, I got some glue that was recommended to use with the Herkimer Diamonds and polymer clay.  I will try some out tomorrow and see how it does.

I, also, got the hair sticks that I ordered.  I am excited to work with those as well.  I am planning on wire-wrapping some of the smaller Herkimer Diamonds and hanging them off of the hair sticks.  I can do charms out of polymer clay as well to add some interest to them.

The really fun stuff that I got was all of the Kato Polyclay that I ordered to play with!  I have to wait though to do so.  I am off to a wedding this weekend and have just started classes at school.  Next week I start a new job as well.  But I will find time to play!  Hopefully on Tuesday.

I can’t wait to try the Polyclay.  I have plans on making a petunia cane out of some of the colors.  I have heard that Kato Polyclay is the best to cane with.  I will be trying it out for myself.  I am excited to see if I can reproduce the beauty of the petunia.  If I can only get half of the beauty to come across in the clay, I will be happy.