I have always loved things that sparkle and glimmer.  I have been using glitter on some of the barrettes to halp create that effect.

My earlier ones where simply braids of polymer clay covers with glitter and then sealed with a finish.Glittery Blue Braid Barrette

I have been playing with creating more dimension with the glitteriness.  I will say that this is one of my favorite seasonal barrette.

Glimmering Holly Sprig Barrette  I really like how the light reflects off of the glitter and the dimension that it creates.


When using glitter with polymer clay.  I recommend that you only use metal glitter.  You can test a small amount of glitter on a piece of paper in the oven at the temp that the clay is cured at.  If the glitter does not melt, it will work with the clay and not turn into a gooey mess.  I, also, always cover the barrettes that i add glitter to with some sort of sealer. Flecto Varathane is a good choice, it is now sold by RustOleum.  (For more information on this check out the following website, http://www.polyclay.com/flecto.htm  )  There are other glazes that work with polymer clay but this is the one that I have always had the best results with.  I know many artists that use Triple Thick with luck but be aware that the spray kind stays sticky.